Who We Are

We're people who have been where you are. We've been part of the rat race of modern day life. We've felt the pressure to "do it all". We've been there in those moments when you wish you had more hours in the day or an extra set of hands. Which is why our passion is helping you to be able to take a breath in the midst of the chaos by tackling the tasks that prevent you from being able to truly live.

Think of the things you can't stand to do. The things you put off and never seem to get completed on your "to-do" list. The things that eat up the majority of your time and cause you the most stress. The things that stop you from being able to achieve your goals in life, such as spending time with your family, having time to focus on your health and/or fitness, having time for grow and develop your business, etc. That's where you'll find TASKRISTI, LLC. 

We partner with busy families and professionals to identify the tasks that occupy their time and cause them unnecessary stress. Then, we swoop in and complete those tasks, allowing our clients to have time for the things that matter most in their lives. Our goal is to reduce our clients' stress and give them back hours of their day so they can live a more happy, healthy, balanced life.

We are fully insured. We hold our PA Background Check clearances. Plus, we are certified as IAP Personal Concierges and are members of The Concierge Academy.

Our Origin Story

When Kristi was a little girl, she dreamed of having a family. She dreamed of being a wife and mother who created a fun, happy and healthy environment in which her family could thrive. In 2012, Kristi and her husband Royce had their first son, Gabe, followed by their second son, Tyler, in 2014. Kristi’s dreams were coming true.


Fast-forward a few years and both boys were in sports and activities. On top of that, Kristi was on the PTO and helping lead various committees, was a Kindergarten classroom parent, the baseball Team Mom, was chaperoning field trips, was coordinating play dates, trips and adventures and was actively involved in planning large events at church – all while maintaining a very stressful, full-time corporate job that required her to work 50-70 hours a week... not to mention trying to keep up with the joys of homeownership and adulting. Kristi realized that she loved her personal life, but the stress and pressure of her career were having an impact on her health and happiness, which in turn was negatively impacting her kids and marriage.


In speaking with her friends and other parents, she realized this was a common struggle. At the same time, she also realized that she was happiest when she was getting to serve others and take a few things off their plates so they could focus on their dreams and goals. She needed to make a difference in the lives of other people. So, in 2019, after 14 years in the corporate world, she left her full-time job and started TASKRISTI, LLC.


Kristi now enjoys the flexibility to be active in her family’s life while helping members of her community live the life they’ve dreamed of.


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