Networking Mixers

COVID-19 hit local small businesses incredibly hard. Too many businesses have been unable to reopen. That's why I've made it my personal mission to help keep Central PA small businesses alive and well.

What are these things?

Join other local professionals for a few hours of networking and making connections. We will meet at various businesses throughout Central PA. We'll highlight what that company has to offer while meeting other professionals in the area. The goal is to bring the host location more business, while meeting other people and growing our own businesses at the same time. You are encouraged to support the host location whenever possible.

Who's invited?

Business owners and professionals in the Central PA area are encouraged to come out and join us. It's a great opportunity to meet your peers, develop relationships with referral partners and possibly gain a few leads. There is a cap on how many people can attend, which varies by location. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. If something changes and you can't make it, please remove yourself from the list or notify me so that the next person on the waiting list can take your spot.

What should you bring?

It's always a good idea to bring business cards, a smile and a handshake or elbow to bump. It probably wouldn't hurt to have your mask handy as well. Most locations will allow you to bring a non-alcoholic drink, though I encourage you to purchase one from the host whenever possible. Restaurants typically do not allow you to bring outside beverages. Also, please consider bringing your credit card so you can support the host location through a purchase of their product(s). 

(Don't forget to think about how you will present your business to others when meeting them.) 

Why should you be a host location? 

Local small businesses have the opportunity to open their doors to the business community as a way to show off their company and what it has to offer. Because these are free events, I don't expect the host location to provide anything other than a space to meet. This just a chance for businesses to come together at a place you may not be familiar with. It also helps those business that wouldn't normally be able to attend mixers due to only having a few employees. 

If you would like a mixer to be held at your location, please let me know. I would love to give the community a reason to check out your store/company and see what you have to offer.